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ALNS wins debating competition!

28, Year 8 and Year 9 students have been taking part in UNLOCs You Speak programme over the past few weeks. The programme was delivered by a member of Unloc Student Voice Academy who ran 2 intensive days with the students to develop their communication skills and put them into action through debating. The course consisted of both skills development through workshop-style learning and structured debating of current and controversial topics.

The programme helped to develop the communication and debating skills of our students as well as helping them to prepare for the debate meet that took place on the 16th May.

ALNS students debated against students from Charter and Trafalgar who had also undertaken the programme. They voted for the topic they wanted to debate and ALNS students chose “This House believes that taxpayers SHOULD pay for the Royal Wedding”. All of the students from all three schools spoke confidently and with clarity for their side of the debate. ALNS students researched and planned their side of the debate and did not deviate from their points at all. This commitment and passion for their points of view ultimately led ALNS to victory!

ALNS won the overall debate and students received some special awards as well for their outstanding contributions; Cerys Ashby won 2 awards for her clarity and public speaking skills, Ria Harman for listening to others, Will Evans for his use of body language, Emily Smith for presentation and Laura Spurgeon for understanding others points of view.

All of our students were exceptional. Working with You Speak and UNLOC was a fantastic opportunity for them and they have really developed their understanding of how to take part in a debate and speak in public.

We are looking forward to the final of the debating competition next half term when we will compete against more schools in the city.