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Visit from Professor David Wilson

On Wednesday 28th April, Years 9, 10 and 11 students were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet Professor David Wilson.  Professor Wilson is Professor of Human Developmental Genetics within Medicine at the University of Southampton.

Professor Wilson was appointed to the Chair of Human Developmental Genetics in 2000. He completed general professional training in internal medicine and paediatrics before specialist training in Clinical Genetics.

During his hour long presentation, he explained to our students that his speciality is human embryonic development but specifically he is researching cardiogenesis (development of the heart in embryos).  Through his research Professor Wilson has found the gene responsible for a particular type of abnormal cardiac development which can be inherited.  He also introduced us to his team of researchers who did not always start out in a career in Science.  Within his team, he had an ex-naval officer and a professional ballet dancer.  These individuals had realised during their previous careers that they had an interest in genetics and had taken further qualification later in life to follow this new path.

He talked about how your career path can change at any time and that all doors remain open.