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ALNS visit No.10 Downing Street!

On Wednesday 6th June all 15 of the Right’s Respecting Ambassadors were invited to Number 10 Downing Street to build their own version of UNICEFs Playground Challenge, teach it to the Soccer Aid teams and MPs and to meet the Prime Minister Theresa May.


It was an exceptionally proud day for us. We were invited to represent all of the schools who were undertaking the Playground Challenge and to talk about our Rights Respecting work directly to the Prime Minister.


When we arrived we posed for photos outside Number 10 before getting to walk through the door and through the house into the gardens at the back. The students set up their challenge, got to explore the photographs of previous cabinet members and complete the challenge themselves. There was much excitement as we waited to see who would arrive.


The two Soccer Aid teams arrived and were quick to try out our Challenges. Mo Farrah had a go which was very exciting, Brendan Cole, Lee Mack, Freddie Flintoff, Olly Murs and many others including our own Headteacher who went up against MPs! Everyone enjoyed the course and chatted away happily to our students who, as always, were wonderful representatives of our Rights Respecting work at ALNS.


Two of our students; Charlotte Coqueral and Ella Fitzgerald then went off to meet the Prime Minister, the head of UNICEF of UK, our MP Penny Mourdant and the captains of the Soccer Aid teams. They talked about their work and the importance of the match funding the government had agreed to for Soccer Aid this year.


We listened to the Prime Minister speak about the work of the government and UNICEF and thank our school for coming before going out to the front of Number 10 to pose for press photographs with the teams. This was an amazing opportunity as we got some photos with the team members and had the chance to talk to them, Gordon Ramsey chatted away to our students and even tried to get them to play football inside Number 10!


Each student was given a mini Soccer Aid ball to take home with them to remember the day.


The media coverage of the event has been mind-blowing. Our students have been in The Portsmouth News, The Daily Mail and even Hello Magazine. They have been tweeted about by Number 10 and Olly Murs and posted all over social media. ALNS is proud to have been a bit famous!


ALNS is always proud to work with UNICEF and to be a Gold Level Rights Respecting School. The UNCRC and the Rights of Children to quality education are at the very heart of our school. We were honoured to be invited to Downing Street and have this amazing opportunity to meet others working in different ways for UNICEF and to represent so many schools raising money last week. A huge THANK YOU to the ambassadors who spoke to everyone with such confidence and clarity about their passion for really making a difference.


Written by: Ms Firth 

Soccer Aid 4

Soccer Aid 5


On Wednesday 6th June, the RRSA ambassadors and staff went to 10 Downing Street to meet the Soccer Aid teams, local MPs and the Prime Minister to celebrate UNICEF teaming up with the Government, who are matching every pound UNICEF raises. As a little premier of the Playground Challenge, the RRSA Ambassadors created a mini version for the MPs and Celebrities to join in with. At the start, they had to jump over hurdles, throwing the ball in the air; then they had to dribble the ball around cones before picking it up and running through a ladder. Penultimately, holding the ball, they had to hula hoop; finally, they had to spin round a bat 5 times to get really dizzy to then kick the ball into the goal.


After a while, the pupils started to mingle with the celebrities, talking about UNICEF and the big match on that Sunday – many of their predictions were correct saying that England would win. After many pictures outside of the Number 10 door, the day came to a close and everyone went back to their homes/schools but not forgetting the amazing day they had just experienced.


Written by: Laura (Year 8)

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