Chi Rocks 2018

On the 19th of June, ten music students from ALNS got on the train to Chichester for three days of intense music! We were off to attend Chi Rocks, a three-day song writing and marketing workshops with a live gig to close.


When we arrived, we were split into groups with 5-7 people from lots of different schools. It was very nerve-racking for a few of us to work with strangers, but we soon made new friends during the team games.


After the team games we went with our groups to our first workshop – song writing! We broke down the process of song writing starting with the theme and ending with the chords. It was very interesting. The songs we produced in the workshop ranged from being about jam sandwiches to travelling!


Next we moved onto a marketing workshop where we learnt how to get our band ‘out there’ in the public eye and how to produce logos. After we had finished up we took a quick break for lunch and then went back to our groups to start to create our songs. It was exciting having the freedom to write about anything we wanted. My group chose to write a song about discos. It was fun to combine all our personal ideas and musical styles into one composition. The day went so quickly and before we knew it we were back on the train and that was the end of day one!


The second day was jam-packed with song writing and learning to produce our final piece. We also had to start thinking about marketing our band. The first step was to choose our name. This was a hard choice but we eventually decided on ‘Les Nacho’s Muchachos’. We chose this name because it represented the Fiesta style of our song!

Next we came up with our marketing pitch. We designed our logo and carefully thought about our target audience. It was challenging working to such a tight deadline but it was enjoyable to think about the parts of the music industry you don’t normally get to see.


On the last day of the course, it was time to present our marketing pitch and final performance in the Zee Bar at the student union. We went to the venue for a quick sound check and then started our presentations. It was amazing to hear what all the other groups had created and all the different ideas and instruments.


After the gig, it was finally time to say goodbye. It was hard as everyone had bonded so much after just 3 days. The whole experience was incredibly enjoyable and fun. I would highly recommend you go next year if you get the chance! Thank you University of Chichester for having us!


Samira Collins