End of 2018 Letter from the Headteacher

Dear Parents

As the academic year 2017-18 draws to a close, I look back on an incredibly successful year. I am astounded by how much we have achieved as a result of the excellent teamwork that exists here at Admiral Lord Nelson School between students, staff, parents and volunteers.

It has been another amazing term, which you can see from our website news stories and from our regular updates on social media by following us on Twitter, Instagram or by ‘liking’ us on Facebook. The latest copy of our school magazine Latitude will be sent home at the end of term with your child or can be found by clicking on the following link: Latitude Issue 34.

New House system

This week has seen the launch of our new House system and, as a consequence, an even more competitive than usual Summer Sports Day – congratulations go to Mary Rose House who triumphed
on the day! I look forward to Warrior, Spinnaker and Victory Houses all taking their turns at being the holders of the new ALNS House Cup next year. There is a real buzz of excitement around the school amongst staff and students about the benefits of moving to a House system with mixed age tutor groups, in particular the increased opportunities for students to work across year groups in a mentoring and leadership capacity.

Introducing our new House system does mean that there will be a period of ‘getting to know each other’ for the students in their new tutor groups and for those parents and students with new tutors and new Heads of Year. Given the excellent relationships that exist here between staff, students and parents, I am confident that in a couple of months’ time we will all be settled in and enjoying our relationships with children and adults that we don’t currently know very well.

Our focus on Inclusivity, Wellbeing and High Expectations means that we want every child to feel a sense of belonging, that they are cared for and that they are supported to aim high in every aspect of their school life by their new tutors and their Head of House. As part of this support we will be holding the following evenings for parents early next term:

Thursday 6th September Year 7 Meet the Tutor Evening 5:30pm-6:30pm
Thursday 13th September Years 8, 9 & 10 Meet the Tutor Evening 5:30pm -6:30pm
Thursday 20th September Year 11 Careers Fair 5pm – 6pm
Thursday 20th September Year 11 Curriculum Evening 6pm – 7pm

Parental feedback

I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents for their active engagement in providing us with both honest and challenging feedback through parent surveys, face to face and suggesting ideas when we were putting together this year’s School Improvement Plan.

This year we raised expectations of the pride that we wanted students to take in their books, and we focussed on students attitudes to learning so they would feel proud of ‘trying hard’ and doing their best both in lessons and in their Independent Learning. We have been very pleased by how many students have risen to these challenges and the impressive progress they have made.

Your feedback showed that you have really valued the Independent Learning set through Show My Homework and we will focus on developing this further, providing students with challenging work to help reinforce and extend their learning from lessons.

School Improvement Plan

In our School Improvement Plan for next year, as well as introducing the new House system and focussing on developing homework further, we intend to:

  • Build on our rewards system so that we celebrate success more widely and more often.
  • Focus even more on reading throughout the curriculum and helping students build the wide and varied vocabulary they will need to be successful in the new, harder GCSEs.
  • Maximise attendance so that fewer students miss out on valuable days of learning and so that all students can achieve their very best to help them in their futures.

Please look out for a separate letter informing parents about our new Attendance Policy.

Saying goodbye

We say goodbye to Mr Wallis (Emotional Literacy Co-ordinator) and Miss Jurewicz (teacher of Mathematics) who are leaving us this term and wish them the very best of luck as they continue their
careers elsewhere. Mr Harris will also be leaving his role as a Teaching Assistant to study at University, but he intends to remain a part of the team working on a casual basis alongside his studies.

Additionally, Miss Fowler has left the school to begin her well-deserved retirement. As a long-serving member of the school as a Teaching Assistant, Miss Fowler leaves us with many happy memories of her valuable work in ensuring that our students were well supported to achieve their very best in lessons over so many years.

Next Year

The term dates and INSET days for next year can be found here: Term Dates
and the new school day timings are here: School Day.

All that remains is for me to thank you again for your much appreciated support this year. I wish you and your family a relaxing, restful summer and I look forward to seeing you all again in the next academic year!

Yours sincerely,

Nys Hardingham