School Productions – Matilda and Our day out!

In the last full week of term the Drama department staged one of our most ambitious productions to date. 2 shows; Our Day Out and Matilda in one night!

After months of rehearsals we finally performed to almost full houses for 3 evenings. Students had all worked so very hard to create 2 amazing productions which had fabulous feedback from audiences.

Our Day Out was adapted to tell the story of a group of students on a school trip from Portsmouth to London. It is a powerful piece which despite being over 20 years old still has a relevant message about education. The students performed with professionalism and enthusiasm. Laura Spurgeon who played Mrs Kay, the kind teacher who looks after her special group deserves a mention for her fantastic portrayal of a teacher who truly believes in the best for young people. Mr Briggs played by Laurence Coqueral was a total contrast to Mrs Kay and Laurence was once again superb in this challenging role. Oliva Osbourne played Carol, the young girl with a horrible home life, Oliva was superb in this role. The whole cast were quite simply fabulous.

During the interval we took the bus down and got ready to perform the shortened version of the musical Matilda. Matilda played beautifully by Jamie Worley and the terrifying Miss Trunchbull performed by Lawrence Coqueral who is one to watch for in future ALNS productions, his transformation during the interval from Mr Briggs to Miss Trunchbull was quite simply unreal. The cast of Matilda have performed songs from the show on stage at the Guildhall this year and performed the show as part of our first ever Performance festival at Easter so they have worked on it for a very long time. The students have never lost their enthusiasm and dedication to the show and totally rose to the challenge of performing two shows in one night.

Our performers always remind me what an amazing job I have and make me exceptionally proud. Congratulations to everyone that was involved over the week.

Written by: Mrs Wisbey