Exam Success 2018!

Photo by The News

'I’m really pleased with a very strong set of results, especially in EBACC subjects. The students have worked incredibly hard and it shows in these amazing results’

- Mrs Hardingham (Headteacher)

This morning for 200 nervous students, the waiting was over as they collected their GCSE results. There were so many examples of individual success and the students should be really proud of their amazing accomplishments.

- Mr Doherty (Senior Deputy Headteacher: Progress and Standards)

Tyler's grades included 4 Grade 9s and 4 Grade 8s.  Darcy's grades included 4 Grade 8s and 5 Grade 7s.
Kirsty's grades included 6 Grade 9s and 2 Grade 8s.  Jessica's grades included 6 Grade 9s.
Between twins Oliver and Henry their grades include 3 Grade 9s, 5 Grade 8s and 4 Grade 7s