Safer Travel to School

Dear Parents

Safer Travel to School

I am writing with good news!

After many years of lobbying of our local MPs and Councillors by our students as part of their work on School Council (ably supported by school staff), and also by our Governors (led by our Chair of Governors, Tania Osborne), Portsmouth City Council have designated some funding this year to improve safety for our students as they travel to school.

At present, there is a consultation in place for a proposed pedestrian crossing on Airport Service Road near the junction with Robinson Way. This is much needed to make travel to school safer for our children who live in Anchorage Park. I would urge you to review the attached consultation paperwork and make your suggestions for consideration as part of the consultation before it closes on 31st January.

The Chair of Governors and I met last week with the consultant working on this project and also requested that the shared usage signs for pavements (cyclists and pedestrians sharing the same pathway) be extended from the current pathway in front of the school and continues down Dundas Lane, along a small section of Airport Service Road (to reach the new crossing) and down Robinson Way so that the Council have a designated safe route for our students cycling to and from school from the Anchorage Park area. Additionally, we continued to press  for a ‘20mph speed limit zone’ to be introduced on Dundas Lane in front of the school during school opening hours and were informed that this is being actively investigated with a view to including this safety feature in the near future too.

As part of promoting safer travel to school for our children, I also need to politely remind parents that the school car park is NOT a designated safe drop-off or collection area at the start or end of the school day for students travelling by car, with the exception being for students who have mobility issues. Parents using the school car park as a drop off or pick up point for their children creates an additional safety risk at the start and end of the school day on the school site for the vast majority of our students who walk to and from school. Therefore, as requested previously at Parents Information Meetings, can I please ask that parents who drive their children to school and/or pick them up at the end of the school find an appropriate, safe place to meet their child that does NOT require them to drive onto the school site to use the school car park as a drop off or pick up point.

My thanks to you all for your continued support in ensuring that we maintain a safe environment for our students as they travel to and from school each day.

Nys Hardingham


New Crossing Notice – Airport Service Road

Airport Service Road letter

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