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Personal Development Day Six

The sixth Personal Development Day of the year was held on Friday 15th Feb, just before half term and it was another fantastic day for everyone with yet more visitors into school and another international trip running, this time for Year 8.

Year 7 had a day focused on “Looking after YOU!” They had the opportunity to learn about First Aid and use the dummies to acquire knowledge about resuscitation in a really ‘hands on’ way.  In addition, they explored what makes a healthy relationship, restorative practice, mental health and consent. In the afternoon, they also had the opportunity to watch a live theatre performance which explored alcohol abuse. It was a really practical day which allowed Year 7 to openly discuss a wide range of topics with lots of visiting experts.

Many Year 8 students were lucky enough to experience a visit Ypres in Belgium. This provided them with the opportunity to explore real battlefields. However, even the students who stayed in school didn’t miss out as they got to explore life in the trenches, World War poetry and were involved in Drama activities exploring the emotions that people may have felt during the war.

It was “Hubble Bubble” Day for Year 9 students whose experience of exploring Macbeth was a wonderfully creative one.  During the day students explored key themes from Shakespeare’s plays, particularly focusing on Macbeth.  They applied their knowledge of symbolism and themes to some ‘stop frame’ animation filming, as well as to made masks and props which incorporated their understanding of characterisation and costume.  In the afternoon, they were involved in Globe theatre style ‘whoosh’ performances of Macbeth.  Finally, they wrapped up the day with their own modern rap of Macbeth. Students had great fun experiencing Shakespeare in a whole new and highly practical way.

Year 10 were given the opportunity to work in their ‘first option choice’ day of the year allowing them to explore subjects in depth and develop knowledge, skills and understanding in their chosen subjects. Students were able to create Music, work with professional Drama practitioners and develop a real depth of understanding in their chosen subjects.

Year 11 had a Science and Languages Day which enabled them to explore and embed their understanding in these subjects, involving themselves in deeper learning within these areas of the curriculum. These days are particularly invaluable for students in terms of revisiting their knowledge, skills and understanding as well as embedding their learning in preparation for their forthcoming exams.

Personal Development Day Six was, once again, full of diverse experiences for our students and opportunities to work in different and exciting ways. As always, thank you to all staff who delivered the day and for the students’ positive participation.


Mrs Wisbey