Our #alnsAlumni – Sam Alexander

Sam Alexander – ALNS Leaver 2010

ince leaving ALNS, I studied Musical Theatre at Southdowns college, and then earned a degree in Music and Theatre at Falmouth University. During my time at Falmouth, I decided that I really enjoyed working with children, so took the decision to study for my Teaching qualification at Portsmouth Primary SCITT. I am now a year 5 teacher at Northern Parade Junior School, and hold a teaching and leading responsibility in ‘Curriculum Overview’. I love the challenge of working with inner city children, with lots of different backgrounds, and making a difference in their lives.

My biggest achievement since leaving ALNS has been achieving my degrees, and graduating (twice!) I am also very proud that I have managed to save enough money to buy my own house, and get my foot on the property ladder.

In the future, I plan to continue progressing my career in education, and would like to branch into working specifically with children that have behaviour or anger management issues, and help to guide them through school, and on into whatever they see in their futures. Ultimately, I want to be the Head of my own school, and be responsible for the achievement and aspirations of a range of children with different ages and needs.

My advice to current students of ALNS would be to always trust your gut, and don’t let anybody make you feel like less than you are. Many people have told me that I wouldn’t achieve everything that I have, but I used that as fuel to motivate me to prove them wrong! Everyone on this earth can make a difference in their own way, and I can’t wait to see what all of your futures may hold.