Our #alnsAlumni – Lucy Webb

Since leaving ALNS in 2005 I have succeeded in numerous achievements to include further and higher education, a career working for one of the UKs leading airlines and even returned to ALNS as an employee working with the schools most vulnerable and challenging students.

As well as reaching my goals academically and career success, I have also become a mother to three beautiful daughters. My biggest achievement to date was to continue and successfully complete my degree at university whilst having my two eldest daughters throughout the duration of my bachelor honours degree in business and tourism management.

My commitment to my studies is which led me to working as an air hostess at British Airways; allowing me to really encompass all walks of life. I gained the desire to travel the world and view other cultures and traditions from a life changing trip to The Gambia in year 11 at ALNS.

My future plans are to return to the aviation industry and possibly complete a masters degree too. The desire to study will never leave me having being taught the foundations of learning by such wonderful teachers at ALNS; most of whom are still teaching there to date!

For students who are currently studying at ALNS; you don’t realise how lucky you are to be in such a nurturing, safe and friendly school surrounded by a team of passionate, caring and dedicated teachers. You’ll miss them as much as we do-promise!