Our #alnsAlumni – Rosie King

Rosie King – ALNS Leaver 2013

What have you done after your life at ALNS?

Whilst at school I discovered my love and passion for acting. After leaving ALNS I went on to train at drama college in Essex and am now a working professional actress.

What has your biggest achievement been since leaving ALNS?

My biggest achievement has been graduating drama college and living my dream.

What are your future plans/goals?

I hope to secure steady work in the acting industry and land a long term role!

What advice would you give to current students at ALNS?

Don’t ever think that your dream is unreachable. When you put your heart into it, you can achieve anything! Do what makes YOU happy, and don’t follow others because you think that’s the best way to be accepted. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!