End of the consultation period about the proposal to permanently expand Admiral Lord Nelson School

Dear parents,


I am writing to inform you that we have now reached the end of the consultation period about the proposal to permanently expand Admiral Lord Nelson School.


The PowerPoint presentation which was available at the Drop-In evening at the school on Thursday 28th February (can be found by clicking the following link: Admiral Lord Nelson School Expansion Consultation Meeting ) which outlines the reasons for the proposal and addresses the main issues that had been raised during the consultation period. Drawings from our Architects can be found here: 802-ALNS Expansion- Presentation Sheets (2) to show the proposed building works on the school site to accommodate this permanent expansion of the school from 1000 students to 1250 students by 2025.


The online survey responses, emails and paper questionnaires that the Trust received were overwhelmingly supportive of this proposal; the main concern raised was for the school leadership to ensure that we do not inadvertently lower the quality of education in any way for our students by becoming a larger school.  I can assure all parents that this is the top priority for your school leadership too as we embark on this expansion plan.


Once we have approval from our Trust Board and then from the Department for Education, the planned building works to support the school expansion will commence in August 2019 and we anticipate that they will be finished by August 2020.


I intend to keep you regularly updated regarding the progress of this proposal over the coming months but if you do have any questions or concerns then please do contact me at the school using the contact us facility on the school website so that we can work together to make this development of the school proceed as smoothly as possible and with minimal disruption during the planned building works


Yours sincerely,

Nys Hardingham