Rock Challenge

On Monday the 11th February, 70 students from Admiral Lord Nelson School participated in ‘Rock Challenge’ for the third time. This year our theme was ‘The Evolution of Tituba’. Students worked hard every day after school, rehearsing and making changes to the piece. We even rehearsed on a Sunday and missed lessons on a Friday for rehearsing and making sure our dance was perfect and the stage crew were confident.


On the day, we all met at the Guildhall and went straight into our rehearsals. Each school only got two practice runs, which was hard to get used to everything around us. The backstage crew were being extremely quiet and not showing themselves to the audience. All the students really enjoyed the day and loved watching the other seven schools perform. It was my first time participating in the Rock Challenge, and I personally really enjoyed having an amazing time with friends, making new friends and performing in front of a crowd. We even got some emails from other schools saying how amazing we were! Unfortunately, our school did not place, but we did receive 6 awards of Excellence. We all enjoyed the day and had a great time. 


Fausta – Year 7