ALNS students attend You Speak Event!

On Friday 28th June, 17 Year 8 and 9 students took part on the You Speak Portsmouth-wide debate finals at Portsmouth University. The students had all taken part in an intensive 2 days training course to learn the skills of debating and had the chance to put this to the test.

The students worked in three teams going up against other schools from Portsmouth debating school uniform, the death penalty and whether or not or current government accuratley reflect the views of the country?

The standard of debate was high throughout the afternoon with our students winning some and coming close in others. All of the students involved used their training well and demonstrated the formality of debating very well.

ALNS won four of the awards at the end of the day which was amazing: They won Best Rebuttals for their quick thinking and strong answers, The clearest ability to understand the opposite point of view, Best listening skills and Most Conviction.

As always our students demonstrated enthusiasm, passion and commitment in the competition and their achievement was exceptional.