Portsmouth Arts Network Festival

On Tuesday 9th July ALNS was proud to lead the way in helping to plan the first ever Portsmouth Arts Network Festival. The festival aimed to bring together art work and performances from as many schools in the city as possible to celebrate young peoples voices in Portsmouth.

7 schools created performances which went on stage on the 9th at the Portsmouth Guildhall. We set out to try and ensure work was shared from all ages and it was! The youngest performer was 4 years old and the oldest was 17. We saw Dance, Drama and Music performed on the huge stage that was just amazing.

The whole afternoon was a total success, there was hardly a dry eye when Year R pupils sang A Million Dreams and everyone sang along when Portsmouth college students performed ‘Lean on Me’.

10 schools had been creating Art work which is now an exhibition at Portsmouth library. Here at ALNS we worked collaboratively on our last PD Day with some Year 5 and Year 6 students to create Art all about “The Right to Play” which takes up 3 boards in the library.

ALNS students performed a story about penguins and how every family is different, this was a unique experience for the students as they asked for young volunteers from the audience to perform with them and ended up creating a zoo live on stage with about 30 students, it was wonderful to watch. Jaimie Worley revived last year’s schools production performing “Naughty” from our hit musical Matilda and the Year 9 BTEC Dance group had created a stunning piece about LGBTQ and not putting labels on anyone.

Our students had the opportunity to be part of something very special for Portsmouth as the festival will continue to grow and involve more schools and young people in the future creating opportunities for ALL young people to celebrate their creativity with each other.