Letter from the Headteacher for the new school year

Dear Parents

Welcome back to the start of the new academic year! I hope you’ve enjoyed a restful break with your sons and daughters over the past 6 weeks and that you are all now refreshed and ready for the challenges ahead in 2019-20.

I am delighted to inform you that once again our year 11 students have performed superbly in their exams and just as importantly, I am immensely proud of the 5 years of high quality education that we experienced together, supporting them both academically and in their personal development to become responsible young adults with exciting futures to look forward to. Look out for pictures and more details in the September edition of Latitude, our school magazine!

First day back

Just a reminder that school starts for students on Thursday 5th September with different starting times depending on which year group your child is in:

Year 7 & year 11 – students should be in the school building at 8:25am

Years 8, 9 & 10 – students should arrive at school by 10:30am for break time and be ready to start lessons at 10:55am; they MUST NOT arrive before 10:30am.

Summer building work

There has been a huge amount of building work taking place on the school site this summer in addition to the repairs and maintenance, re-painting & cleaning that we usually do in the summer holidays. A big thank you to Steve Johnson, our Buildings & Community Manager, and his excellent Premises and Cleaning teams for their tremendous hard work!

The Key Stage 4 student toilets, the PE changing room toilets and the staff toilets have been completely replaced and as I write this letter the contractors are still working hard to ensure they will all be working on the first day of term!

Some in-progress photos of the new toilets, taken over the summer break.

The flat roofs over the sports hall, the main hall and the drama studio have been extensively repaired and new lantern lighting has been fitted in the main hall. The sports hall, main hall, drama studio and staff room have all been redecorated as there was considerable water damage in these areas caused by the leaking roofs in recent years.

The new drama ceiling.

Particularly impressive has been the work done by Maebill Contractors in remodeling the entrance and exit to the school site. They have worked both day and night shifts throughout August to finish this work for the school in time for the start of term and I am extremely grateful to all of their team for the excellent work they have done for our school.

Some in-progress photos of the new car park entrance at the North End.

Building Work in Autumn term

Scaffolding will remain on the front of the school until November when our contractors (AD Southern Ltd) expect all of the planned roofing work to be finished.

Maebill Contractors will also complete their work in September by constructing an additional staff car park near the north entrance to the site.

On 1st October, Neilcott Construction Ltd will fence off much of the school car park and there will no longer be any access to about two thirds of the existing car park as this is where our new building will be located. Neilcott will then continue this work until August 2020.

Consequently, there will be compounds blocking large sections of the car park and contractor vehicles working in the school car park throughout the next academic year.

For Health & Safety reasons, to ensure the safety of children and adults during the building work in 2019-20, parents should NOT drive onto the school site to drop off or pick up their children at the beginning or end of our school day.

South Entrance

The road at the south end of the site has been extended ready for 2020 so that it can be both an entrance and an exit. However, during September 2019, this access will remain a vehicle exit only so that we can ensure the safety of children and adults and the safe movement of vehicles on the school site.

Improving Communication with Parents

The first edition of our new weekly newsletter for parents, What’s on @ALNS?, will be published this week & circulated by email to all parents. Please do contact the school to confirm your email address if you have not received this newsletter as our intention is that it will make it much easier for all parents to stay up to date with the vast number of activities that take place here each week.

I look forward to welcoming our new year 7 students and their parents and to seeing you all again in a few days for the start of another successful year, working together in partnership so your child continues to develop as a successful learner, a confident individual and a responsible citizen of the future!

Yours sincerely

Nys Hardingham