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Open Evening: Students Leading the Way!

Our students certainly led the way and made us incredibly proud on Monday when we hosted our annual Open Evening. It was a fantastic evening and our ALNS students were at the centre throughout the evening.

They were empowered to lead tours, deliver speeches and take responsibility for curriculum taster sessions.  It is so inspiring when our students work alongside staff and truly collaborate and that was really clear on Monday.

As our students lined up at the ‘taxi-rank’ to collect families and guide them around ALNS, it was lovely to hear them speak so positively and honestly about school from their point of view. When staff checked if parents had any questions, the reoccurring answer was that the students had already answered every question. We know our students are brilliant and it’s always wonderful to have this confirmed by visitors.

Kate and Harry – our brilliant Head Girl and Head Boy.

 It is also inspiring when our students take the lead and convey why ALNS is so important to them. That really shone in the speeches written and delivered by Harry and Kate, our brilliant Head Boy and Head Girl, and by Grace and Harry from year 8 who were so confident about delivering their speeches to over 300 people in our Main Hall!

Students provided background music for the whole evening.

Parents and year 6 students who joined us on the evening without exception ended their evening telling us they had thoroughly enjoyed the activities on offer and that they were incredibly impressed with our students and our staff. Our visitors were tremendously excited by the prospect of joining us next year and  we look forward to welcoming them into our ‘ALNS Family’!

Dare to Dream, Aim to Achieve!