Students working from home

Our intention during this uncertain time when schools are closed for the majority of students is to ensure that we provide those who are at home with a continuing education.

All work will be set via Show My Homework so that there is one easily accessible place to find and submit work when required to do so.

The last 2 days we have asked teachers to include timings in their instructions to students so that it is clear to them how long tasks should take. The work set each day should take a maximum of 5 hours, to reflect a students learning time at school. Lots of our students are conscientious and always try their hardest, however we don’t want them to be over-working as it is important for them to take regular breaks away from screens and limit the work to the timings suggested.

Recently the BBC and others have published advice on working at home:

with one of the main points being to try and establish routines early on so that there are clear timings for work, breaks and relaxing.

Where students need to share IT access with siblings, there will need to be flexibility in how students are working. Whilst teachers will set work for the relevant lesson time there is going to be flexibility in when students need to complete this. Hopefully this will help support you and your child in managing their work.

As I’m sure you all realise this is a completely new way of working for both teachers and students and no doubt there will be teething problems. We will constantly review how things are going and adapt and improve as we go on. There are going to be challenges over the coming weeks but by us all working together we can ensure that your child’s education does not suffer.

On Monday, we will provide you with a further update and especially for Year 11 parents once we receive information from the government about the alternative to exams arrangements. In the meantime, can I thank you again for your continued support for your children and the school in the face of this uncertainty.