End of Term Letter – Easter 2020

Dear parents,

As we reach the end of this extremely unusual term, I would just like to take this opportunity to express my pride and admiration in how brilliantly everyone in our school community is working together in the face of the immense changes to our lives that the battle against the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic has caused.

As parents, this has been a really tough time for you as you cope with your own worries and try to keep your children engaged and occupied whilst we are all required to stay at home. I would like to thank you all for the support you are giving to your children as we all try to ensure that they are able to continue with their learning as best as possible whilst the school is closed.

This way of working is all very new to us all and not something that we had prepared for, so I think you can be incredibly proud of all you have achieved for your family over the past two weeks since school closed. There are lots of things that we have all learnt already but the most important is that the health and wellbeing of your family is our top priority and comes before everything else!

There are lots of problems and issues that will have arisen as your children have tried to continue with their education at home and by persevering and continuing to work in partnership together, we can work out how to continue to adapt and solve these problems as they arise.

Please do make use of all of the resources within the Parent Help section of the school website as it has ways you can contact Subject Leaders if you have concerns regarding particular subjects and we welcome your feedback using the subject help email addresses to help us to make improvements for next term.


One issue that has cropped up is around submission of work. There are a variety of ways that students can submit work to teachers. One of the features within Show My Homework allows work to be uploaded if the teacher has asked for an online submission, but on some devices this does not seem to work. However, if this is the case then students can submit work directly to teachers using their school email addresses. Students can send work by email to teachers using the following format: First initial, then Surname then either or So for example if the teacher was Ann Dobson the email addresses would be [email protected] or [email protected]

Another issue that has occurred frequently is when parents want to help their child with a particular subject but don’t feel they have the expertise. BBC Bitesize can be an invaluable tool if you or your child are struggling with any of the work. BBC Bitesize is a free online study support resource designed to help with learning, revision and homework! Bitesize provides support for learners aged 5 to 16+ across a wide range of school subjects and also supports children and young people’s wellbeing and career choices. There are revision materials, videos and even games for younger children to help them enjoy their learning. BBC Bitesize have also stated that from April they will also be producing daily content to support education and wellbeing.

Some of you are also finding Show My Homework a bit tricky to navigate. Show My Homework has lots of guides available to help students and parents so if you are finding this difficult you may wish to visit where there are lots of help guides including one called ‘submitting my work online’.

We all now have a 2 week Easter holiday and there will be no additional work set during this time, as this is a time for rest and recuperation for us all after a very challenging term for our school community. Teachers and tutors will return to work on Monday 20th April and work will be set for your children from that day.

I would just like to end by once again thanking you for your support throughout this challenging time – we are a fantastic ALNS community and I am extraordinarily proud and privileged to be your Headteacher.

Credit to student Will Robertson for the image.

My warmest wishes for a restful Easter holiday to you and your family,

Nys Hardingham