Changes to Distance Learning at Home for Years 7 – 10 from Monday 15th June

Dear Parents,

Since returning to school after the Easter break we have been working hard on plans to offer face to face learning on site from Monday, June 15th for Year 10 students. Only 50 students from Year 10 are allowed on site each day, so each Year 10 student will only have a total of 6 days onsite learning this term. This means that students in Years 7 to year 10 will need to continue with distance learning at home until the end of this term.

I am delighted to share with you some information that I received yesterday from the local authority that the number of laboratory confirmed daily cases of Covid-19 has fallen sharply across the region and that in Portsmouth there have been just two cases reported in the last week. I hope this will provide additional reassurance to you that, with the new stringent health and safety measures we have put in place, the school will be a safe and welcoming place for Year 10 students to re-commence on-site lessons from Monday 15th June.

Thank you to all of those parents who responded to our recent survey, giving us your feedback on the support you have received for your child’s education at home since lockdown began. I am delighted that you feel so well supported by the staff, who have all worked really hard to support your child’s learning at home. We are also keen to take on board your suggestions for improving our distance learning offer further still.

One way that we intend to improve the way we support your child’s learning at home is to introduce ‘live lessons’ where your child will sign in to a live video lesson with the rest of their class. We have been trialling ‘live lessons’ this week with a few Year 9 classes and they have been very successful so far. We will trial some more ‘live lesson’ with more Year 9 classes next week and then after that we intend to offer some ‘live lessons’ to students in all year groups throughout July. I will write to you about this closer to the time to confirm exactly what will be happening for each year group, once we have learnt from the pilot work next week.

Another big change for the rest of this term is that we have decided to adopt a new timetable for just 4 lessons per day for distance learning; lessons will be longer (one hour and fifteen minutes) and the timetable will match the timetabling of lessons for the Year 10 students who are having face to face lessons on site. This will make it easier for us to timetable the live lessons later this term for your child and we think it will help with the organisation of their learning at home.

Timetables will change slightly each week and we will send the next week’s lesson timetable to you in our weekly ‘[email protected]’ bulletin’ and will be updated on here.

The timetables for the week commencing Monday 15th June are enclosed with this letter for each year group; please would you take some time to study them carefully to support your child with moving to their new lesson
timetable next week.

Thank you for all that you are continuing to do to support your child’s learning at home. We are a truly impressive school community and I was very proud to show off our school to a BBC News crew today; the BBC intend to show the film on teatime BBC National news this weekend!

Nys Hardingham