How do I use Zoom on Windows?

Firstly you’ll need to install Zoom. You can get it from here – just choose “Zoom Client for Meetings“.

You will be able to see your scheduled live lessons on Show My Homework.

Ten minutes before the start time, you will need to go to the Google Classroom for that subject (How do I do that?) and click the join link which will be near the top.

The first time you run Zoom, it will ask you for your name – please put your full name in here.

You can then click Join Meeting at which point you will join the Waiting Room.

At the start time, the teacher will invite you in to the main room one at a time, but only if they recognise your name – this is why it is important to enter your name properly when you first start.

If the teacher invites you in on the condition that you change your name to your proper name, this is how to do it:

  • Move the mouse over the main window and click Participants when the menu at the bottom pops up.
  • When the Participants window opens on the right, move the mouse over yourself at the top and click More then Rename.
  • Then just enter your full name and click OK.