Year 10 Lessons at School this Half-term

On 24th May, the Prime Minister announced that secondary schools would re-open from June 15th for Year 10 students to receive some face to face support from their teachers this half term. The government guidance only allows one quarter of the year group to be on site on any particular day.

We have been carefully planning how we will run our school this half term so that parents and students can be reassured that it is as safe as possible.

We are changing how we operate in our school building so that we have social distancing at all times and so that we have a constant focus on infection control throughout the school day (with more cleaners employed during the school day), alongside enhanced cleaning of the building after the end of the school day. A summary that we have prepared for you to
explain the changes that we have made to ensure that the school will be a safe environment for your child to learn in can be found at the following link:

We are really looking forward to warmly welcoming 50 of our Year 10 students back to school on 15th June for a period of 3 full days of learning; then we will welcome another 50 students to school on Thursday 18th June for a period of 3 full days; another 50 students on Tuesday 23rd June for a period of 3 full days and then the final 50 students on Friday 26th June for a period of 3 full days. Then we will repeat this cycle again for the next 12 school days.

We want your child’s experience in school to be as warm and welcoming as possible and will be talking to our Year 10 students to ensure that their lessons in school are a time for them to enjoy re-connecting with their teachers and fellow students this half term. When our Year 10 students are not in school for their 3-day block of face to face learning, they will continue with their learning set on Show My Homework at home.

During the 3 days of onsite learning, your child will have two lessons with their teachers in English, Mathematics, Science and their 2 option subjects plus a lesson of History or Geography and Languages or Media. Students will have a mid-day break during which they may socialise together in a socially distanced manner on the field in two large marquees that are only for year 10 to use.

We will be offering a packed lunch and drink to your child, free of charge, and they will place their food order at the start of each day when they meet Mr Doherty & Mr Hutton in the marquees, after having washed their hands in the newly installed outside sinks.

At this stage, no-one knows whether we will be able to fully open our school in September in the way that we have done before the Covid-19 pandemic and it is possible that we may only be able to offer part-time learning on site blended with distance learning at home during Year 11. It is absolutely essential to us that we are able to work face to face with your child so that we can do everything possible to support them to develop the skills, routines and attitudes to be successful in their GCSE & BTEC assessments at the end of Year 11.

I will write to you again next week with more details regarding the onsite provision for your son/daughter.

Thank you for all you are doing to support your child’s learning at home.

Yours sincerely,

Nys Hardingham