Year 11 Prom, Grades and Results Parent Information letter

Dear Parent

We are emailing today because this should have been prom day.
We would like to share a short video from staff wishing the students all the best until we see them again, so please could you share this with your child.

The prom has provisionally been rearranged to the 19th of November at the Marriott Hotel but this will depend upon what guidance we are operating under at the time.

We hope year 11 students are now fully focused on what they are doing next at college, work or for an apprenticeship. Flying start Portsmouth has been providing lots of careers guidance and subject specific materials to help support bridging the gap between year 11 and the next stage. If your child has yet to use this there is still plenty of time so they can make sure they are fully prepared for whatever they are going onto.

To update you on Centre Assessment Grades we had to use all of the evidence available to us in order to submit proposed grades to the exam boards. For students provisionally given the same grade as each other we had to rank these in order. This has all been completed and it is now up to the exam boards to moderate these judgements in line with all other schools. More details about how we completed this process are included with this email. Following the guidance we have been given, we are strictly forbidden from discussing the grades or ranks with parents or students.

Details have not yet been released about when the results will be published this summer but at the moment our intention is to have a Results Day where students will come and collect their results. More details will follow about this as soon as we know more.

Best wishes

Chris Doherty
Senior Deputy Head: Progress and Standards

Centre assessment grades

In line with the guidance from Ofqual we had to ensure that the grades we submitted were a fair reflection based upon the evidence we had gathered over the time students have been studying the course. We also had to ensure that the grades we submitted were in line with how we have performed as a centre in the past. For each student studying a course we had to come up with a grade and within the grade we had to rank all the students in order from strongest to weakest.

How did we do this?

• To start the process we ensured all teachers had read the Ofqual guidance and we then laid out a plan and timescale for all teachers and Curriculum Directors to follow.

• The first step we took was to ask all class teachers to propose the most likely grade that a student would achieve based upon all the evidence that they had.

• Within each subject, teams of staff then moderated their judgements and discussed the evidence that they had so that we could ensure that all staff in a subject were being consistent. At this stage some of grades were moderated both up and down based upon discussions of the evidence.

• These grades were then compiled together and compared with how similar students have performed in the past both nationally and from our centre. Similar students refers to students of a similar ability with the same starting point. Again at this stage some grades were moderated both up and down.

• Staff teams within each subject then looked at the grades again and discussed these so that any final changes could be made and agreed. These were then scrutinised by school leaders together with Curriculum Directors.

• When the Curriculum Directors working with the school leaders were sure that the set of results they had were a fair set of results for the students in the current year 11, we then fixed these and after this point the grades did not change.

• Individual class teachers were then asked to rank students within their classes if they had the same grade, so if there were four students in a class with a proposed grade 5 as their centre assessment grade, the class teacher ranked these 1 to 4 based upon the evidence that they had.

• The Heads of Department and Curriculum Directors then took all of these ranks and together with the teachers suggestions they looked at the evidence and ranked the students across the subject.

• This ranking was then discussed by the subject team and any final changes made.

• The proposed Centre Assessment Grades and the ranks were then entered onto the exam board system and were checked a further two times to ensure that the grades and ranks were accurate before being finally submitted to the exam boards.