Day 1 – Mrs Brown, blood spatter and DNA extraction

Footage of Mrs Brown

Blood spatter analysis

Blood spatter analysis can show how the victim was attacked, if the perpetrator used a weapon and the way the blood pattern forms can show how the blood drops fell. Results are below the video.

In this case, after the analysis show below, we have the following updates to the case:

  • Pattern found at the scene: drip and low impact blood spatter.
  • Analysts have concluded that the victim was hit first.
  • The perpetrator then stood with the object (causing a drip pattern) before throwing the object, creating a low impact spatter pattern.

DNA Extraction from an onion – home experiment

Although not used in this particular investigation due to contamination of the scene by students, DNA recovered from crime scenes is often used as key evidence.

Here’s a fun experiment you can do at home to actually see DNA!