Helping your child prepare for returning to school in September

We are really looking forward to welcoming your child back to school in September. This letter is another part of our work to support you so that you can help your child as they prepare to return to school next term.

The Student Villages – how this works is explained in the document below.

The document linked below entitled ‘How will we keep all students and staff safe?’ gives full details about the steps we are taking to ensure that the school is as safe as possible next term.

Please would you read this attachment carefully with your child:

We have learnt from our work with families in the past when a child has had a long absence from school, often for medical reasons, and these are the pieces of advice that the families have told us were most useful to them:

Re-establish a routine. During lockdown for many of us our routines will have changed. Some of us will have been waking up later and going to bed later. To help your child prepare, it would be beneficial to re-establish the routine of getting up at the right time for school as we get closer to their return in September.

Put your child in control. Talk to them about how they can stay safe in school, for example washing their hands before and after eating. Please reassure them that the school are putting measures in place to help keep them safe, and details of all these changes are on the following pages.

One of the hand washing stations around the school.

Discuss worries. It would be completely normal for any child to have mixed emotions about returning to school and many people will be feeling exactly the same. Young minds have created a page with tips on ‘starting a conversation with your child’.

Be prepared. Encourage your child to find their uniform, PE kit, schoolbooks, bags, drinks bottles etc. so that this is not left to the last minute, creating anxiety.

Click the picture above for a reminder on uniform and equipment requirements.

Share information. As you receive information from the school about the return, please discuss this with them so that they can visualise the arrangements. Details of how the school will operate are in the document linked further up this page so please go through this with your child now and perhaps look at it again later in August.

Seek support. The transition back into school may be more challenging for some students. If you feel that your child is struggling, please contact your child’s tutor or Head of House so we can work out together how best we can support them.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Doherty
Deputy Headteacher: Curriculum and Standards