Results day and Year 11 barbecue

This year, given the challenges we have all faced over the past few months and the abrupt end to year 11 studies, what we want to do is try and run an exam results day that is as normal as possible but also try and make it a bit of an event to mark the end of school as we would have normally done at the end of June.

As a school we do need to ensure that we are operating within the guidance from the Department for Education and Public Health England so we will need to ensure that we maintain social distancing and have hygiene measures in place in order to do this.

We would like to invite all Year 11 students into school on Thursday 20th of August in order to both collect their exam results and then join us for a barbecue so that they get a chance to say goodbye to each other and to some of their teachers.

The IT teachers running the barbecue last year.

The details below explain how the day will work and the steps we are taking to ensure that we can do this safely and in line with the guidance we MUST operate under.

  • Results will be available to collect from 11am. We need to try and stagger arrival times so we would ask that students with a surname beginning with the letters between A and L arrive between 11am and 11.15am, and students with a surname beginning with the letters between M and Y arrive between 11.15 and 11.30.
    We do however realise that this is a nervous time for students and they may want to be with their friends so as long as we can try and stagger arrival times between 11am and 11.30 this should be fine.
  • Students need to ensure that they travel to school safely and that as they arrive, they maintain social distancing and follow staff directions.
  • Students will enter via the south entrance gates (opposite McDonalds) and staff will direct them to the outside sinks where they need to wash their hands with soap and water. There are markers on the floor to ensure that students are socially distanced as they queue up to do this.
  • Students will then be directed into the canteen through the back doors and they will need to queue up in four lines which will be indicated by surnames.
  • We will then direct students into the main hall a few at a time where they will collect their exam results sealed in an envelope and, without opening the envelope, they will be required to leave the hall through the far set of doors and make their way outside onto the field.
  • Once outside, they can open their envelope and we hope they will then want to share their exam results with their teachers and friends.
  • Our intention is then for students to join us on the field for a short Year 11 Barbecue from 11.30am and a chance for them to talk with staff, celebrate their results and say goodbye. Hand sanitiser will be available for students to use before eating.
  • Whilst on site students should maintain social distancing and not put themselves, other students, or members of staff at risk.
  • Parents will not be allowed onto the school site. Once a student has collected their results if they want to go straight out of school to see parents, they are of course welcome to do so. Normally students are straight on the phone talking to parents letting them know how they have done.
  • Please note that only the student themselves can collect their results. Nobody else can collect them for them.

Unhappy with results?


This year, with exams being cancelled and the examining boards awarding the grades, extraordinary measures have been put in place so that if a student is unhappy with the grade they have been awarded and they do not think this is a fair reflection of their ability and the work they have done they will be able to re-sit the exam during the Autumn term. These exams will be held from 2nd to the 23rd of November, more details on this will be provided when they are available.

Unable to collect results?

If your child is unable to collect their results in person they can arrange to do this by phone. They will need to arrange this in advance by phoning our exams officer Mrs Oswald before the end of July. She will talk them through the process and arrange a password with them so that she can verify their identity on results day.

If results are uncollected by 2pm on the day they will be posted to the students home address by 1st class post.

Please can you share the contents of this letter with your Year 11 child and we hope they are able to be with us on 20th August.

Yours Sincerely,

Nys Hardingham

Chris Doherty
Deputy Headteacher