Online learning

Dear parents

We are delighted that more than 95% of students are now back in school, back to a normal routine and getting the “in person” education that they need. However, whilst at the moment local infection rates are low, we do not know what the future will bring. There is a lot of uncertainty and we will probably face a situation this year when either a small number of pupils may need to self-isolate or in the case of a local lockdown this might require more students to remain at home.

Because of this uncertainty we have been developing contingency plans so that, when necessary, students would be able to access a high-quality online curriculum that matches what is being taught in school. Therefore, if a student has to self-isolate for a few days they will be able to do the work from their lessons whilst they are at home and when they return to school they would not have fallen behind their peers.

Google Classroom

In order to make this as simple as possible we are going to be using Google Classroom so there is just one place students need to go in order to access the work they should be doing whilst they are self-isolating at home. Within Google Classroom students are automatically enrolled in each class that they attend at school so when they log in they will be able to quickly and easily access the work for each subject that they study, whilst they are self-isolating or having to work from home due to potential school closure.

We have asked teachers to title the work so that it relates to the date when the student would be expected to do the work in line with when the lesson will be happening in school. For example, English lesson for Tuesday, the 8th of September. If students need to access anything else such as YouTube or Hegarty Maths this will still be communicated via Google Classroom with links to where a student needs to go.

Hopefully by doing this it will mean students do not fall behind if they do have to work at home for any period of time. Another benefit of us having remote versions of our lessons online is that students will be able to revisit these lessons whenever they wish, such as when they are revising for exams or assessments.

Below are links to the Google classroom guides that our IT team have made for students to use if they need help with this:

Student Guides

“How do I access Classroom as a student?”:

Please do contact your child’s tutor at school if you have any queries or concerns regarding this information.

Yours sincerely

Chris Doherty
Senior Deputy Headteacher: Progress and Standards