Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training

On Tuesday 6th October ALNS trained 50 students to become Anti Bullying Ambassadors. This training was provided by Miss Nicholas and the 9 Anti Bullying Ambassadors who were trained by the Diana Award. This means that in every tutor there is at least one Anti Bullying Ambassador, allowing every student the opportunity and access to someone who can report, advise and listen.

Anti Bullying Ambassadors as described by the Diana Award are: ‘trained, passionate young people who will stand up to bullying behaviour and believe they can change things for the better. Anti-Bullying Ambassadors believe that bullying is not acceptable and should not be part of everyday life at school. They support others and are upstanders against bullying behaviour and a support network for their peers. They stand to shape attitudes and change behaviours. They are a pillar of support, look out for others and are a strong voice for the school community.’ Diana Award-Anti Bullying. Our Anti Bullying campaign is forever evolving and we are committed to educating, advising, and making positive changes.