Acting safely within school

Dear Parents

We hope you and your family are keeping well as we enter the new tier 2 restrictions rather than the national lockdown.

Whilst most students in school are acting really responsibly it’s even more important now that everyone follows the safety procedures we have in place so that all staff and students are acting in a really responsible way and helping to protect each other and the whole school community.

Rather than publishing long lists of rules we’d really appreciate it if you’d watch the below video with your child so they clearly understand how they should be acting safely within school, and that way we can maintain a really safe learning environment for everyone.

With everyone following the enhanced procedures we have in place for hygiene, wearing face masks and staying socially distanced whenever possible we want to be doing our bit to control transmission of the virus as much as we possibly can do.

Thank you as ever for all your support.

Matt Hutton
Deputy Headteacher