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Fire Cadets coming to a Fire Station near you

Fire Cadets is a uniform youth programme for 13-17 year olds run on Fire Stations in their local community and accessible to all. They currently have 3 units in Ringwood, Eastleigh and Gosport and will be opening 2 new units at the end of January in Southsea and Rushmoor.

The programme is delivered by volunteer firefighters, non-operational fire service staff and adults from the local community. It inspires and empowers young people to be the best they can be and is a nationally recognised programme, delivered through fire and rescue services. The cadets will gain many skills such as, team work, leadership, communication and community engagement. They will also gain qualifications such as:

  • Level 1 BTEC in functions and responsibilities of the Fire and Rescue service in the community,  
  • Duke of Cornwall community safety Award,
  • First Aid taster and many more

It is a one year programme but there is also an opportunity to once they have graduated, to become a Cadet Crew Manager, Watch Manager or Station Manager, similar to the Fire Service rank structure and additionally gain a Fire Cadet Award BTEC level 2.

Below is a site with some more information, a video to watch and a link where you can express your interest.

They are looking to fill at least 16 places in both of the new locations.