Live Lessons

Each and every day so far we are more and more impressed with the attendance at live lessons and the amount of students engaging positively in their learning. We know without a doubt that this couldn’t happen without your support and encouragement.

Thank you again for all the feedback that’s been coming into the school, this is really helping us to shape things and keep building on how we are delivering remote education.

One thing that has become apparent with more and more live lessons happening is that an hours length for live lessons is too long because from a student’s perspective they need time to finish their work off, and then be able to save this or submit it to their teachers and then have a quick break before their next lesson may start.

Similarly from a staff perspective there is some admin work to do on making sure the registers are accurate and then saving all the work before starting their next live lesson.

This is the reason why we have decided to make live lessons 50 minutes long so there is a bit of time at the end of the lesson for both students and staff to finish off what they’re doing properly, to have a comfort break if they need one and then to get ready in time for their next lesson so that it doesn’t all feel rushed.

The table below gives you the timings we are now using for live lessons so please can you share these with your child.

The only exception to this is when there are double lessons these will start at the time shown on the table but be longer than 50 minutes; this would mean if a student had a double lesson periods 1 and 2 then it would start at 8:25 AM and finish at 10:15 AM.

Our hope is these new timings will help your child with their organisation and stop them feeling so rushed between one lesson and the next.