Gambia Appeal

A message from Ms. Lucas:

As most of you are aware we have a long commitment to Gambia and The Daral Akram Orphan School, who we have been sponsoring for many years. I am in frequent contact with our charity and school co-ordinator Mucki in The Gambia.

Life is already very tough, but made even worse by Covid and money is scarce. One of the biggest revenues is tourism and of course no one is visiting The Gambia, therefore many people are out of work. Food prices are continuing to rise – in some cases the price of items have tripled. Some families we know go days without food. Many schools are closed for good as there is no money to pay teachers and cover running costs. 

I know we have all been affected by Covid but if you can help it would make a huge difference. Our usual non uniform days at ALNS are not happening of course, but if you would like to make a donation we will be having sealed buckets at both student entrances in the mornings if you or your family would like to make any donation, no matter how small. These buckets will be available from Monday.

If any of you have been badly affected over the pandemic, please get in touch with us as we are here to support you too.

Many thanks and take care, we are very nearly there!

Ms. Lucas