Return to School Letter – 04.03.2021

Dear Parents

I write to give you further details on our return to school next week.  There are some key aspects I wanted to draw your attention to as we prepare to re-open to a full school:-

Uniform – Students are expected to wear full uniform on return to school, as per DFE guidance.  Hargreaves promotions (one of our main suppliers) are running a click and collect service should you need it.  We believe Penelope Ann are also offering click and collect as they did before (as we write this their website is down so we cannot be sure).  If you envisage any issues with uniform, please contact your child’s tutor or Head of House in the first instance – we do have a number of items we can lend out whilst following Covid-19 safety guidance. 

Return to school – You have already been informed in Mrs Hardingham’s letter from 25th February which day your child is returning to school.  I can now give you timings (this excludes Key Worker School children who will receive a separate email) for each day. It is very important your child comes into school at the time indicated below. On this day only ALL students should enter the school via the South Entrance (opposite McDonalds.) They will have their test and go to lessons once they have received a negative result, about thirty minutes after the test is taken. 

Please see the table below:-  

 Tuesday 9th MarchWednesday 10th MarchThursday 11th March
8.30amYear 11 Mary RoseYear 10 Mary RoseYear 7 Mary Rose
9.15amYear 11 SpinnakerYear 10 Spinnaker 
9.45amYear 11 VictoryYear 10 VictoryYear 7 Spinnaker
10.45amYear 11 WarriorYear 10 Warrior 
12.15pmYear 8 Mary RoseYear 9 Mary RoseYear 7 Victory
12.45pmYear 8 SpinnakerYear 9 Spinnaker 
1.15pmYear 8 VictoryYear 9 VictoryYear 7 Warrior
1.45pmYear 8 WarriorYear 9 Warrior 

Face Coverings – I would like to take the opportunity to remind you of a paragraph in Mrs Hardingham’s letter, regarding face coverings, just in case you have not yet completed the link and need to.

In addition, the government has instructed schools that up until Easter, staff and students must wear face coverings on all occasions when inside the school building where social distancing cannot be maintained; this means that students will now be expected to wear face coverings during their lessons (although not in some practical lessons, such as PE). The government has issued guidance regarding exemption from wearing face coverings ( ) and if your child falls in to one of these categories, please contact our Medical Safeguarding Worker, Anne Keen on [email protected]. She will then contact you via telephone to discuss your child’s health issues and issue your child with an exemption card.

Student timetables – These are changing, for some students, from Tuesday 9th March.  They will be uploaded by the end of the week so please ensure your child uses the new version as they prepare to return. 

We are really looking forward to welcoming everyone back next week.

Kind regards

Katie Holness
Assistant Headteacher