DASS: Drug & Alcohol Support Service – Substance Misuse Briefing (07/04/21)

THC Edibles

Is a generic term for cannabis that is eaten/drunk/swallowed; most people would associate this with ‘brownies/hash cakes. These specifically contain THC, the primary psychoactive chemical present in cannabis that is being used in sweets and drinks; such as gummy bears, gum, lollipops, chocolate bars, soft drinks and a whole range of others.

“These have been around for years but appear to have increased in popularity, we have 2 young people engaged with DASS who only use edibles, the first time we have seen it, usually we see them used alongside more traditional forms of cannabis.”

-Drug & Alcohol Support Service


In some cases the packaging can look almost identical to the real sweets with the same/similar name.

Below are some recently found in Portsmouth (Hampshire Police)

Bought online or direct from a dealer or drinks made by friends; prices vary, on average £30 -£45 per bag (approx. 30 sweets) or £10-£20 for 100mg (10 sweets with 20mg per sweet)

Edibles take longer to have an initial effect due to absorption, they can take between 30-60 minutes for the onset, peaking between 2 – 3hours.

People may not be aware of the delay so eat one, do not feel anything so eat more, this can result in increases in heart rate and blood pressure, dizziness, panic attacks, paranoia, psychotic episodes, heart palpitations and uncontrollable vomiting.

A cannabis joint is reported to contain about 12mg of THC, some edibles contain between 400-600mg per packet. Dosing wise 50-100mg can severely impair coordination and alter perception, and increase the above mentioned risks.

Support and advice:

  • As always, if you know or hear of any specific concerns always report via the CPI form. We know that some of our young people are still dealing/running and being exploited during this lockdown.
  • If you have concerns regarding any of the young people you work with please do not hesitate to get in contact.
  • We are able to offer guidance and advice to professionals and parents in responding to concerns of substance misuse. We continue to accept referrals and can make contact with young people where there are concerns of substance misuse, to provide a confidential service.
  • Young people, parents or professionals can contact DASS on [email protected] or call/text 07951497898 or 07557753131.