Year 11 Grades 2021 and Centre Policy

Our intention with these booklets is to be as open and transparent as we possibly can be in how we will be determining year 11 students’ grades this summer. As a school we are acting upon all of the guidance that we have received from Ofqual, the Department for Education and JCQ (who act on behalf of all the exam boards). For specific subjects, exam boards are also issuing materials and advice to support us in determining the grades.

All schools initially had to come up with a centre policy covering all aspects of their work in the grading process. We have submitted our policy to the exam boards and they will be ensuring that everything we do is in line with the guidance that has been issued. We have emailed this policy to all parents so that again we can be as open and transparent as possible with you at such an important time for both you and your child.

Please see the three documents below for full details.