Year 6 Transition Day 2021

At the current time, as mentioned in a previous email to you, we are planning to hold our Transition Day for all year 6 students on Wednesday 21st July 2021.

Please note, there is a change of timing to the original plans for these days (although the times remain the same as my most recent communication to you). The day will begin at 8.45am. It is important your child arrives no earlier than 8.30am, via the South Entrance (McDonalds end). They will be dismissed from the same entrance at 2.30pm.

The reason for this slightly shortened day is to avoid them coming into unnecessary contact with our current students from a covid safety viewpoint. Although we acknowledge bubbles will have officially gone we are reluctant to add any more risk than we need to so close to the summer holidays. For the same reason, if you would like to meet your child after school, we ask that parents wait outside the entrance, a good distance away so as not to obstruct our students leaving the site.

This day will be a good opportunity for your child to practice their route that they will be taking to school in September, especially if they intend to walk to school. If your child does arrive by car please make sure you do not enter the school car park or obstruct the road outside the school, as this is not available for student drop offs. Senior staff will be waiting to greet your child and Year 7 students will guide students to their first assembly as a year group.

Please ensure your child is equipped with:
– A snack for breaktime. They will be offered a FREE lunch courtesy of our in-house catering team – Hamiltons, so they can sample the range of foods we have in our canteen. There will be a selection of meals available to suit everyone. Alternatively they may prefer to bring a packed lunch.
– Water to drink during the day – alternative drink is only permitted at breaktimes.
– Pen, pencil, and other stationery should they wish – but a pen and pencil is vital.
– A school bag (they will need to get used to carrying all their equipment around school with them!).
– Glasses, if they wear them, and any medication, such as inhalers.
– The completed admission and declaration forms if these have not already been returned.

Students should arrive wearing what they normally wear to school (their Primary School uniform).
Please remind students not to bring anything valuable with them that may get lost and, of course,
mobile phones must be switched off and kept in their school bags.

During the induction day your child will undertake a tour of the school and become familiar with
our breaktime routines. They will also take part in a year assembly. They will experience moving
around the school and attending a variety of lessons with their new teachers.

We hope your child enjoys their first experience of being a secondary school student and will leave
us looking forward, with confidence, to September.

If you have any questions about our induction program, please email the Assistant Headteacher:
Student Achievement, Mrs Katie Holness on [email protected]

Katie Holness
Assistant Headteacher: Student Achievement

Nysrene Hardingham
Executive Headteacher