Admiral Lord Nelson School

The Gambia Trip

Would you like your child to go to The Gambia?

Next Easter we are planning a trip to the smiling coast of West Africa. We are looking at a week mid Easter holidays from Tuesday to Tuesday.

The cost of flight and hotel is currently £925 pp Additionally there will be costs for transport, trips and food which we are currently estimating at £400pp. It’s such a huge amount of money and we know this is a really difficult decision to make especially in the current economic crisis, but we wanted to restart this fantastic trip.

If we get a group of 22 including staff that price will hopefully reduce. However nothing is guaranteed but we must book the flight and hotel asap. We offer a payment plan over 6 months for the flight and hotel. Then another payment plan for the additional costs for the remainder of the time until the end of March.

The trip takes students from years 9-11, so if your child is in the current year 8 or above, they would be eligible.

If you would like to know more please email me [email protected]