Aspiring Futures

Our exciting ‘Aspiring Futures’ programme is a core part of our curriculum offer at ALNS and is followed by all students. The course is delivered by the HUMANITIES team in one lesson a week over the two week timetable for Key Stage 3 and once a week for Key Stage 4. This has replaced traditional PSHEE.

The aims of the course are for our students to;

  • Develop better links with the local community through charity work.
  • Be active global citizens by having the time and opportunities to address key issues.
  • Be able to make informed decisions about their futures including college courses, careers, volunteering and gap year opportunities.
  • Be better equipped with the knowledge and skills to be active citizens in our democratic society.
  • Be more informed about social, moral and ethical issues that they may be effected by as teenagers so that they can make better choices.
  • Be better prepared for their exams by following ‘Learning to Learn’ study skills units.

The course is constantly updated to reflect the needs of our students so that it is of most relevance and benefit to their lives which will enable them to be successful, responsible and active citizens of our country and to adapt to current events.

Topics covered include:

Year 7:

World’s Largest lesson



Respect yourself


Year 8:

Safety First



Teen pregnancy

Risk taking and staying safe

Body Image

Year 9:



Body Image


Choice and Change


Critical Thinking

Politics and Law

Year 10:


Work experience

Skills and Employment

CV writing


Year 11:

College talks

University visits

Well man/Well woman

How to handle money

Revision skills

Prep for exams