Curriculum Evening 2021

Welcome to the Year 8 Curriculum "Evening" for 2021!

This year the entire process will be done online but students will have a chance to talk to their teachers in both live lessons and in face-to-face lessons as they return to school next week.

Students have already had taster lessons of some of the new subjects on offer to study from year 9 onwards to help them make informed choices.

Please watch the introductory video first and then explore and research as much as you need to help you make the right choices for you.



First, have a read through the below documents/pages to help you get some ideas as to where you would like to go.
Make sure to check back on the Careers link at 6pm on Tuesday 9th March for live College Q&As!

Learn all about how the options process works.

Get ideas for careers and for what you want to do after you leave school.

Your options

Learn more about all the subjects on offer!

Decision time!

Once you've made up your mind, read through the pathway booklet and understand the restrictions as to what subjects you can and cannot take together, click the button below to submit your options choices!

Note that once you submit the form, your choices are final and cannot be changed except in exceptional circumstances.

You should also understand that whilst we try our very best to get everyone into their first choices, it is not always possible and you may end up with one of your other choices.