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Each student at Admiral Lord Nelson School will have one lesson of Dance in year 7 and 8.  They will then have one lesson of performance in year 9. In year 9, students will have the opportunity to choose BTEC Performing Arts and opt for the dance pathway.

Dance plays a role in the curriculum as it is an art form that combines physical literacy with imagination and creativity.  It remains a highly popular subject amongst children and young people encouraging their engagement in wider learning. For students, who are often not attracted to sports, dance remains the most popular physical activity, providing an effective means for addressing obesity and other health problems. In dance we aim to promote students’ ability to feel comfortable with how their bodies move and looking to develop self-confidence and self-esteem. We are also looking to develop independent and creative learners who are able to appreciate dance as a form of expression and develop an understanding about what makes a good performance.  

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