Interactive Media KS4 Curriculum

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Welcome to Media Studies!

Media Studies not only develops production skills, it requires students to gain knowledge and understanding of the media, its audiences and concepts. It provides them with the ICT skills required in a modern workforce.  It provides them with the analytical and interpretation skills required by some employers.  It will also support and complement literacy skills required across the curriculum

Media Studies is a GCSE course that offers students the opportunity to make extensive use of ICT.

For instance students could use:

  • digital video editing equipment to make a small film or television advertisement:
  • photo-editing software and a desktop publisher to produce a magazine:

The students will use industry standard software such as Adobe Photoshop for photo editing and designing media artefacts.

Year 10 beginning from September 2016 in Media Studies you will study…

Controlled Assignments

  1. Magazine Project (cross-media platform)
  2. Comic Book Project (print)
  3. Perfume and Aftershave Project (Advertising and Marketing)



  • 12 weeks preparation time
  • Examination resources pre-released to students
  • Topics change every year and are decided in advance


Type: GCSE

Exam board: AQA

Controlled Assignments: 60% of Total Marks

Examination: 40% of Total Marks


Year 9 and 10 from September 2017 in Media Studies you will study:

Technical Award in Interactive Media

Portfolios 75% of Total Marks

Examination: 25% of Total Marks

Throughout the delivery of the course students will gain the following transferable skills:

  • creativity skills
  • exploratory and investigation skills
  • ICT skills including:
  1. an understanding of interactive media software packages, platforms and hardware
  2. an understanding of image types and file types
  3. an understanding of internet technologies and  capabilities
  • communication skills
  • problem solving skills
  • time management skills
  • health and safety skills in relation to interactive media.


Type: Vcert

Exam board: ncfe

Controlled Assignments: 75% of Total Marks

Examination: 25% of Total Marks