Drama KS3 Curriculum

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Welcome to Year 7 Drama!

In Year 7 Drama lessons you will learn all about the basics. You will work in groups and learn about how to structure your own performances based on all sorts of different themes. You might be using a poem or a song or even a picture to give you an idea for a performance. You will also be learning lots of new skills.

What new skills will I be learning?

  • Understand and demonstrate the basic social and group skills necessary for meaningful drama to take place (listening, observation, concentration, co-operation.)
  • Work in mixed groups of varying sizes developing the ability to make decisions as part of a group.
  • Understand how use of space, movement and voice communicate meaning and evaluate that use.
  • Show a developing ability to devise, improvise and create credible characters.
  • Structure a presentation with a clear beginning and end.
  • Understand that the process of drama has its own worth and that performance is not always part of the activity.
  • Reflect and respond to their own work and that of others, with an awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses.

In Year 7, you will study…

Autumn Term 1

Basic intro to Drama

You will learn about the basics of Drama covering a range of techniques. You will start to work in groups and create performances to show to your class. You will discover new talents and develop your teamwork skills.


Baseline testing

It is important to discover the skills that you have in order to get even better so you will undertake some practical tasks to identify what you are really good at and what you need to do to become even better.


Autumn Term 2

Darkwood Manor

This unit of work takes you a journey through an old haunted manor house. You will discover a range of weird and strange characters and begin to explore more techniques to create pieces of Drama that can scare your audience!


Spring Term 1

Silent Movies

During this unit of work you will explore the wonderful world of silent movies and even get the chance to make your own silent film.


Developing a polished performance

You are ready to have a go at creating a performance. You will work as part of a team to create a performance that uses all the things you have learnt so far. Your performance will be based on a stimulus and you will write it and perform it.


Spring Term 2

Key Skills Development

The 3 Key Skills

You will focus on the development of key skills during this time. You will continue to develop your skills as an actor and your understanding of the theatre.


Summer Term 1


You will explore the characters from the wonderful world of Matilda and perform sections of this great story.


Terminal Exam

Your exam in Drama will be a practical exam in which you will demonstrate everything you have learnt throughout the year so far.


Summer Term 2

Gambia Project

In this unit you will explore African stories and performing as animals. You will have the opportunity to prepare work to perform at the Gambia celebration evening.


Playing with Script

In this unit you explore playing with different scripts and how to create characters that have been written for you. You will have some lines to learn and do a number of different performances.


In Drama in Year 7 ALNS students will use and understand the following keywords:

  • Monologue
  • Spoken thought
  • Mime
  • Body language
  • Key image
  • Facial expressions
  • Eye contact
  • Role
  • Empathy
  • Suspension of disbelief
  • Narrator
  • Spontaneous improvisation
  • Theatrical convention
  • Still picture


Welcome to Year 8 Drama!

In Year 8 you will build upon the skills you have developed in Year 7. You will continue to work in groups and explore more drama techniques. There will be lots of opportunities to perform both in front of your tutor group and to larger audiences.


What new skills will I be learning?

  • Deepen their understanding of how space, movement and voice communicate meaning and evaluate that use.
  • Work constructively and creatively alone and with all other members of the class.
  • Understand and apply the skills required for effective spontaneous improvisation.
  • Use a range of approaches to create credible characterisations, varying vocabulary and body language as appropriate.
  • Develop the ability to use a range of skills and techniques to structure an effective performance.
  • Recognise and use the conventions and form of script.
  • Discuss and analyse the issues and themes involved in their work, showing an awareness of their own experience and that of others.

In Year 8, you will study…

Autumn Term 1


In this unit you will explore the basics of developing a character and understanding what a “stereotype” is and how this can help you develop comedy.


Creating Characters

You will start to develop more three dimensional characters in this unit of work. You will explore hot-seating and various techniques that can help you to develop more believable characters within a performance.


Character Development

Now you will extend your knowledge and understanding in order to really explore characters in depth and learn how a professional actor can play a role so realistically.


Autumn Term 2


This term is all about PANTOMIME. You will look at where it came from and have a go at working with some scripts to perform your very own 10 minute pantomime. This unit of work leads up to your PD Day at the end of term when you will see a live performance!


Spring Term 1

Status and Bullying

This unit of work beings to explore more challenging issues within in Drama and looks at how we can use Drama to challenge what people think. You will look at some scripts and devise your own work about bullying.


Spring Term 2

Physical Theatre

This unit is great fun! You will learn how you really don’t need anything other than your body to create a performance. Physical theatre makes everything come to life as you will learn how to play everything on stage….even the furniture.


Summer Term 1 & 2

Soap Opera

This is the biggest unit in Year 8 when you will explore the genre of the great British soap and ultimately create your very own Soap Opera based around the characters in your class.


Terminal Exam

Your exam in Drama will be a practical exam in which you will demonstrate everything you have learnt throughout the year so far.


In Drama in Year 8 ALNS students will use and understand the following keywords:

  • Status
  • Accepting
  • Blocking
  • Building
  • Teacher-in-role
  • Forum theatre
  • Flashback
  • Hot-seating
  • Characterisation
  • Staging terms
  • Non-naturalistic
  • Duologue
  • Genre
  • Motivation
  • Script