Drama KS4 Curriculum

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Welcome to Year 9 – The beginning of the new RSL Acting Award

Students will have the opportunity to develop their Drama skills in preparation for the new RSL Award in Acting. use the skills which they have used in their Dance and Drama lessons to understand what makes a good performance. Students will have workbooks which allows students to track their progress and it can be used in preparation for Year 10 when they will complete the course.

What new skills will I be learning?

  • Students will become more confident to perform in front of others.
  • They will be able to use performance related vocabulary during their group work and also to evaluate others.
  • They will work to develop their group working skills by sharing ideas with others, listening to others and working cooperatively within a group.
  • They will become independent learners looking to develop their time management skills ensuring that rehearsal time is used to make their performance better.
  • They will develop their ability to evaluate others and will be able to provide others with good quality verbal feedback.
  • They will use scripts and will work to interpret characters for a performance.

In Year 9, you will study….

A range of different performance styles.

Different playwrights.

Practical skills development.

A performance project.

Welcome to Year 10 Drama!

RSL Award in Acting

What new skills will I be learning?

  • Exploring the world of acting and performance
  • Contributing creatively to group work and developing communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Development of practical skills

In Years 10, you will study two units…

Component 1 of the new RSL Tech Award introduces students to a range of performance styles and professional practice. Students explore 2 professional works through practical work, written projects and performances.

Component 2 is an externally assessed unit in which  students work as a group to create a performance to a given brief which is set by the exam board in Year 10.

All units are practical and a portfolio is kept throughout.

How will I learn?

  • You will learn from practical work and interaction with professionals who work in the performing arts.
  • You will perform on a large number of occasions to different audiences.
  • You will view live theatre.
  • You will learn how to create a well rounded performance.
  • There will be the opportunity to devise your own performances, direct a play and write scripts or work backstage.

How am I assessed?

The entire course is practical. You will keep a portfolio to support your practical work and be awarded a mark for each unit. You will be videoed in class performing and rehearsing.

You can learn more about the course here: Creative and Performing Arts – RSL Awards