Linking English with careers

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Linking English with careers

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If you love studying English at school, what options are there for continuing with the subject once you have left school?


At A-level, you can specialise in an are of English which you particularly enjoy.

Local colleges offer A-level courses in English Language, English Literature and English Language and Literature.

To be accepted onto one of these courses, most colleges will require at least five GCSEs at grade 5+ including English Language and Maths. To study A-level English Language, most colleges will expect you to have at least a grade 6 in GCSE English Language. To study A-Level English Literature, most colleges will either expect you to have at least a grade 5 or 6 in GCSE English Literature. Make sure you check the entry requirements with the college when you apply.

Find out more about English A-levels at Portsmouth College.

Find out more about English A-levels at Havant and Southdowns College.

Find out more about English A-levels at Highbury College.


At university, there are a huge range of courses to study if you are interested in English! There are opportunities to further specialise in specific areas of English you enjoy or to study an area not available in school or college, but which you may have touched on in your English studies or which may be closely linked.

Familiar subjects include English Studies, English Literature and English Langauge.

Further specialise by studying Journalism, Creative Writing, American Literature or Linguistics.

Take specific skills and areas of enjoyment in English in a different direction by studying Law, Philosophy, Politics, Primary Education, Film, Media, Classics or Gender Studies.

Find out more about English at university here, by searching UCAS or by visiting the websites of specific Universities – you can see a list here.


Studying English at any level will open up a wide range of careers! Most employers will expect you to have at least a pass in GCSE English Language. If you have a degree in English or a related subject, you this could lead you into a career in:

  • Journalism
  • Publishing
  • Editing
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Social media
  • TV/Radio
  • Writing for websites
  • Teaching
  • The list is endless – an English degree will open the door to many exciting careers! Get more information here.

Would you like more information about studying English or careers in English? Speak to your English teacher or Ms Etherington for guidance. The teachers in the English department have all studied different types of English  A-levels and degrees and have had ‘past lives’ in different English related careers! Come and speak to us for more information.