French KS3 Curriculum

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Year 7

Je peux parler français!
Learn the basics! Asking and responding to personal information questions about your name, age, birthday and spellings. Learn simple classroom language so you can ask everyday questions in French. 

Ma vie au collège
This topic is all about school. Learn about subjects, school uniform and daily routine, give your opinions and describe your ideal school.

 Mon temps libre
What do you do in your free time? Learn all about sports and hobbies and give your opinions about them. Describe what someone else does in their free time. 

Year 8

Ma famille et mes amis
Learn all about your family, pets, describing yourself and jobs. Also start to understand how to describe other people.

Ma maison
In this topic we will cover all about your local area and home. Learn how to say different types of house, local areas, rooms in the house and home activities. 

Ma ville
Where do you live? Learn all about describing your town, what you can do and talking in the past tense.

Les médias
Welcome to the world of media! Learn all about TV shows, films, music, books and the internet.

La vie saine
How healthy are you? In this topic we cover all aspects of healthy and unhealthy living including sports, food and drink, parts of the body, illnesses and remedies. 

Le shopping et l’argent de poche
Learn all about shops, money matters and clothes as well as jobs and household chores.