What can I do to support my child with their learning in Maths?

Every pupil has access to a wonderful online resource called Hegarty Maths. This website has videos and assessments for pupils to use to improve in Maths. Every topic is broken down into different skills which are explained in depth during the video. There is then an attached assessment testing pupils on what the video covered. Pupils input their answers and their work is marked straight away. If they get the question wrong, they are given the chance to have another go. The website collects any incorrect answers and groups them into a category called “Fix Up 5”. This allows pupils to address past mistakes and make improvements.

As Hegarty Maths is an online website, pupils are required to do their workings in their books before submitting their answers. Below is an example of the level of work that is expected from pupils. As parents, we ask that you guide your children to follow the examples below when they are completing Hegarty tasks at home.

Click here to go to Hegarty Maths.