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Music is fun, it can lift your spirits or help you to express emotions.  Music decreases stress and can improve your health.  Music boosts brain activity, exercising both sides of your brain and works on developing skills such as maths, science, physical coordination and language – all while keeping in time with a beat!  Music helps us to define our identify and culture, and helps us to understand more about other cultures.  The Music Industry is one of the most competitive and exciting in the world…

The ALNS Music Curriculum is about experiencing live and digital music through creativity and performance.  Musicianship skills such as playing instruments, reading notation, analysing and listening to music are taught through practical projects.

Students improvise and compose their own music, drawing on their experience with different musical styles from western and world music traditions.  Students use music technology to record, edit, loop, notate and sequence music.

We also have a range of visiting music teachers offering instrumental lessons in strings, woodwind, brass, piano, drums, guitar (classical and electric) and singing. A range of clubs and activities taught by music staff and visiting musicians are available to students throughout the year.

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Years 7 & 8 (KS3)
Years 9 – 11 (KS4