Science KS3 Curriculum

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Year 7

Upon entry, students begin the KS3 National Curriculum programme which is completed by the end of year 8. Topics are learned using a variety of strategies aimed at different learning styles, all with a particular emphasis on ‘How science works’. As learning through experiment is a key concept in the new national curriculum, we have continued to embed Practical science into the wide variety of lessons that the students experience.

The students complete practical and written assessments with the assessed topics and skills (in brackets) listed below. The aim of the approach towards science in KS3 is to enable students to communicate, operate and think like scientists.

A further break down of what each year entails in Science:

In Year 7, you will study…

Term 1:

  • Gravity and Forces (Skill: Graphs)
  • Particles and Solutions (Skill: Describe and Explain)
  • Cells and Movement (Skill: Evaluate)
  • Electricity (Skill: Investigating)


Term 2:

  • Acids and Alkalis (Skill: Data Analysis)
  • Food Chains and Webs (Skill: Mathematical Skills)
  • Energy Costs and Shifts (Skill: Mathematical Skills)
  • Earths Structure and Universe (Skill: Describe and Explain)


Term 3:

  • Variation and Human Reproduction (Skill: Graphs)
  • Gambia Project (Skill: Investigating and Data Analysis)
  • Sound and Light (Skill: Evaluate)


Year 8