Science KS4 Curriculum

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Students begin studying for their GCSEs in year 9, which prepares them well for the final examination in year 11. This means scientific content is regularly interleaved, developing recall skill and productive revision techniques. Interleaving is the practice of revisiting content frequently throughout the year, ensuring its understanding is consolidated and put in perspective with other learning.

Pupils in Year 9, 10 and 11 will be sitting the new AQA GCSE 9-1. Beginning the study of GCSE in year 9 means that students are exposed to content for a longer period of time and also are able to consolidate knowledge through regular, planned and targeted revision. Specifications for these qualifications can be found on the Science Curriculum page of the school website. All pupils will be following the new Combined Science GCSE 9-1 or the three separate sciences of GCSE Biology 9-1, Chemistry 9-1 and Physics 9-1.

Further break down of the topics studied each term is below:

Year 9

All students in Year 9 study a Science course which meets the requirements of the current KS4 program of study. Practical work forms an integral part of the course and wherever possible, theory is introduced in an experimental context.

In Year 9, they will study:

  • Biology topics 1–4:
    • Cell Biology
    • Organisation
    • Infection and response
    • Bioenergetics
  • Chemistry topics 8 – 12:
    • Atomic structure and the periodic table
    • Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter
    • Quantitative chemistry
    • Chemical changes
    • Energy changes

Year 10

In Year 10 they will continue to study the GCSE course, which will be examined in Year 11.

  • Physics topics 18 – 21:
    • Energy
    • Electricity
    • Particle model of matter
    • Atomic structure
  • Biology topics 5 – 7:
    • Homeostasis and response
    • Inheritance, variation and evolution
    • Ecology

Year 11

Year 11 they will complete the final two areas of your specification:

  • Chemistry topics 13 – 17:
    • The rate and extent of chemical change
    • Organic chemistry
    • Chemical analysis
    • Chemistry of the atmosphere
    • Using resources
  • Physics topics 22–24:
    • Forces
    • Waves
    • Magnetism and electromagnetism
    • (Separate Science have Space Science as an additional module)